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Vector Corporate Innovation

Informing Corporate Development

Vector has adopted an innovative approach in its approaches to work with corporate clients relating to more strategic development. Businesses and organisations have benefited in a much more direct way than with more shallow conventional studies – for instance relying on discursive focus groups. >

These projects have informed corporate decision making which is both “impactful” and also leads to a more efficient channelling of resources.

Fortunately we have benefited from the support of a core of clients who seek truly objective and actionable findings to meet the challenges of social change in the UK.

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Advertising Campaigns and Marketing

The company deliberately maintains its role in advertising and marketing in order to ensure a full understanding of communication. This is one of the few areas of our activity where the focus group is a valid and effective tool. Recent campaigns have included a major push on mutuality for a Building Society; a Motor Cycle training product and a Library service campaign. The company also has a track record in successful media research.

The Marketing and Development plans for the Heart of Wales Line were developed via detailed research with a range of stakeholders including tourists, users, local residents and tourism operators.

The launch of the Guidance Accrediation Board was informed by Vector’s development research exploring various options relating to logo and leaflet design with key target groups.

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