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Vector Consumer Innovation

Understanding markets and social consumers

Our projects usually have two common themes:

  • They provided findings which are deeper - and in some instances different to – the outputs from conventional approaches
  • They are based upon gaining a deeper understanding of the demand for services – by actually engaging much more fully with people in order to understand their behaviour and motivations.

The Vector portfolio includes the facing innovative approaches in researching consumers and citizens >

These projects provide a “warts-and-all” detailed understanding of consumer or public demand for products/services. Fortunately we have won the support of a core of clients who seek truly objective and actionable findings to meet the challenges of social change in the UK.

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Accompaniments and Dynamic Exercises

Vector has adopted accompaniments and longer term dynamic qualitative work in several arenas.

In skills supply and demand studies we have taken jobseekers to Jobcentres, employment sites, encouraged applications and IAG sessions to get objective feedback on the barriers to employment.

On some occasions we have used respondents as mystery job applicants – or asked them to feed back on support services and/or advice received from intervention agencies where relevant to the issues under investigation.

We have worked with former employees after a major manufacturing closure, giving them task based assignments to explore the impact of intervention services following redundancy.

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