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Vector Consumer Innovation

Understanding markets and social consumers

Our projects usually have two common themes:

  • They provided findings which are deeper - and in some instances different to – the outputs from conventional approaches
  • They are based upon gaining a deeper understanding of the demand for services – by actually engaging much more fully with people in order to understand their behaviour and motivations.

The Vector portfolio includes the facing innovative approaches in researching consumers and citizens >

These projects provide a “warts-and-all” detailed understanding of consumer or public demand for products/services. Fortunately we have won the support of a core of clients who seek truly objective and actionable findings to meet the challenges of social change in the UK.

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(1)  Projective techniques
Vector has used projective techniques to better inform clients of consumer demand characteristics - in a range of innovative settings.
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(2) Interactive public consultation
Vector has designed a range of consultation events and exhibitions which have informed decision making in a much more objective way than basic "presentation and comment " consultation.
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(3) Public information testing
Vector has designed a variety of task-based “tests” often using a de-constructed model which appraises information and communication systems in a logical and sequential manner.
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(4) Accompaniments and dynamic exercises
Vector has adopted accompaniments and longer term dynamic qualitative work in several arenas. This is particularly useful in understanding barriers to take up of services – where focus groups can be an unreliable source of information and a poor predictor of behaviour.
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(5) Segmentation
Vector Research has pioneered the use of segmentation in social markets which is one of the keys to future growth in public and social sector markets.
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